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How Two Lottery Winners Stayed Grounded
It's nearing the weekend and the top three highest paying jackpots on offer have all gone yet another draw without producing a winner. The giants of the lottery world are yet to disappoint as they are currently offering ..
Man Apprehended After Allegedly Stealing Lottery Tickets
It seems that there is no end to fascinating, puzzling and downright weird lottery stories. According to Windsor police, a man who allegedly stole lottery tickets from a Leamington petrol station was caught and arrested ..
Lottery Winners Expose Their Dark Side
When people think of lottery stories they have heard, the theme the topic inevitably sways towards (after what they would do with their winnings) are usually tales of those who have lost all their winnings. It's a rath..
USA Lotteries Go Head-To-Head With Europe - Who Offers The Biggest Jackpot This Week?
The USA has always been the giant in lottery games boasting the $1.6 billion USA Powerball grand prize earlier this year. The current jackpots on offer from the United States are €84,300,000 for the USA Powerball and the..
How The Lottery Can Change Your Life
Winning the lottery is something we've all thought about, whether or not we're avid ticket holders or just casual ticket players. We've all fantasised about what we would spend it on, how our lives would change, ..
Real Life Stories of Euromillions Winners
The first thing people talk about when the topic of winning the lottery is raised is how they would spend their winnings and how it would change their lives. There is good reason for this. People, whether they care t..
Trains, Planes And Automobiles - Railway Guard Wins £2,5 Million
Lottery jackpot winners are often advised to take some time out and think very carefully about how to go about investing their newly acquired wealth. It's not uncommon for them to delay cashing in their prize while the..
How to detect and avoid online lottery scams

Lottery scams have gone from being a rare occurrence to a $10 billion (about €7704546.10) a year industry, scamming millions of people all over the world, which has made people very wary of playing lotteries. We at Cheaplottos decided to put your mind at ease by explaining the different types of lottery scams that are out there and what you must do to protect yourself from falling prey to these schemes.

How to win the Lotto

Winning the lottery is more than just luck and chance, there’s a formula to it, and we at Cheaplottos have compiled a few tips to help you make your dreams come true.

Astonishing Lottery Stories From All Over The Globe!
For those lucky few who have won the lottery, it was most likely the quintessential life-changing event of their entire lives. It doesn't always work out for the better, however, they are truly fascinating stories. T..
€29 Million Jackpot Up For Grabs:  The Winning Numbers For The Euromillions Draw
With an estimated EuroMillions jackpot of around €29 million or approximately £24,7 million, the excitement buzzing around Europe's biggest lottery game is almost tangible. According to Camelot, Tuesday's draw bared no f..
Lottery Winner Squanders Opportunity In Drug Trafficking
There are many stories of people who have found themselves to be one of the few lucky winners of jackpots, but who have squandered their earnings on a flashy lifestyle and foolish decision making. However, when it co..
Estranged son gets nothing from EuroMillions winner mum

The estranged son of Sonia Davies, a woman who won £61million on the Euromillions, says he doesn't know whether he will receive a portion of the jackpot prize.

Woman Beats The Odds - Twice!
A victorious cancer survivor has tilted life's odds in her favour once again and has won £61 million. Sonia Davies was diagnosed and treated for a tumour found on her Parathyroid gland. After a successful operation, sh..
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