What Are The World's Biggest Ever Lottery Wins? | World Lottery Leaderboard

What Are The World's Biggest Ever Lottery Wins? | World Lottery Leaderboard

This week is set to set the tongues of avid lottery players wagging. Currently, the SuperEna Lotto is and the US Powerball are leading the pack for the biggest top-tier prize on offer. While the latter is at a jaw-dropping €151 million, it's the SuperEna Lotto which is turning heads at €163 million!

With games like the SuperEna Lotto, the US Powerball and the Euromillions currently at incredibly high jackpots, it brings up the question - which games have produced the biggest prizes? We are all aware of the world famous figure of $1,6 billion boasted by the US Powerball, however, how good is your lotto trivia?

So to improve your lotto trivia knowledge, we've created a list (below) showcasing the biggest lottery wins from all over the world, from Sweden to Australia and many, many more. The list includes the upstarts of the lotto world, the Irish Lotto, as well as the Italian SuperEna Lotto who have both left their mark forever on the log books of the game. The SuperEna Lotto, specifically, caused heads to turn when on 30 October 2010, the game offered its largest ever jackpot of €177.7 million (US$248 million).

World Lottery Leaderboard

Rank Lottery Jackpot Record
1 US Powerball £1.119 billion
2 MegaMillions £419. 8 million
3 EuroMillions £161 million
4 SuperEnaLotto £125.7 million
5 EuroJackpot £63.5million
6 UK Lotto £66.1 million
7 Oz Lotto £59.7 million
8 MegaSena £56.29 million
9 Oz PowerBall £42.7 million
10 Spanish Lotto £25.9 million
11 Swedish Lotto £18 million
12 Saturday Lotto £17.6 million
13 French Lotto £16.9 million
14 Irish Lotto £13 million
15 Polish Lotto £9.4 million
16 Austrian Lotto £6.8 million
17 Mini Lotto £494,593