This Week's Lottery Round-Up

This Week's Lottery Round-Up

The SuperEna Lotto is set to lead in terms of jackpot size for yet another week running. Another week has elapsed without the Spanish Lotto giants producing a top-tier winner. This brings its current tally up from last week's €148,000,000 to €151,000,000.

The game has a fantastic record producing some of the lottery world's largest ever jackpots. Although the largest of those won by a single player was £147 million in 2009, the biggest ever SuperEna Lotto jackpot prize came on year later in 2010 when a syndicate of seventy members won the highest possible prize of £177 million after an eight-month long rollover.

The Euromillions comes close at "just" €10 million behind the SuperEna Lotto at €141,000,000. This is yet another game which has failed to produce grand prize winner in weeks. At last week's €130,000,000 prize up for grabs, it seemed as though the purse strings were at breaking point, begging for a winner.

The Euro Lotto is one of the world's biggest lottery games and certainly Europe's largest in terms of popularity. The biggest recorded jackpot offered by the Euromillions came on 10 August 2012 when one lucky winner successfully matched all 7 numbers and benefited from the staggering €190 million on offer. Another notable win came one year earlier when in 2011, one winner took home £161,7 million.

However, although the largest of all lottery games, the US Powerball, is sitting in third place; the jackpot is by no means a modest size. Currently, the grand prize on offer from the multi-state lottery game is at €71,000,000.

In January this year, the US Powerball made the lottery world stand up and take notice as rollover after agonising rollover eventually came to a halt at $1,6 billion. Although players from all corners of the globe took part in the game, only three players stepped forward to claim their equal share of the mega jackpot prize.

Whatever the history of these lottery games may be, the fact remains that neither of these world famous games managed to come up with a winner. This means that 2016 is set to become the year in which the biggest jackpot prizes in the business may all come from this year.

Lottery Round-up

Lottery Game Lucky Numbers Prize Draw Times
US Powerball
2 12 50 61 64 1
€71,000,000 Wednesday, Saturday @ 10:59pm ET
Mega Millions
21 30 47 50 57 9
€31,000,000 Tuesday ,Friday @ 23:00 ET
SuperEna Lotto
18 19 57 74 80 82 29 89
€151,000,000 Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday @ 20:00
17 35 37 43 44 2 10
€141,000,000 Tuesday, Friday @ 20:45
4 28 29 39 44 8 10
€90,000,000 Friday @ 21:00 CET
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