The USA's Fifth Largest Jackpot produces a winner

The USA's Fifth Largest Jackpot produces a winner

Sole Ticket Holder Likely to be Only Heir to the Jackpot

According to the lottery officials, although more jackpot ticket holders are expected to come forward, only one USA Powerball ticket from New Hampshire, so far, is recorded to be claiming all six of the necessary numbers. The numbers required for the current win are: 11-17-21-23-32 and the Powerball number is 5. Although the jackpot is worth $487 million, the winner has the option of accepting a lump-sum worth $330,6 million.  However, advisors suggest that taking the option of a lump-sum may not be the wiser of the two as the winner is more likely to misuse the millions faster than one may think. Annuities, which are paid to the winner over a period of 29 years, offers protection against lavished behaviour as well as being able to claim more of that money over a longer period, due in part to smaller tax demands from the Federal Tax officials.

The last time the jackpot was won was on 7 May, when a hefty $429,6 million jackpot was awarded to the lucky family from New Jersey. Continuous rollovers have ensured that the current USA Powerball jackpot is now, officially, the lottery game's fifth-highest ever top-tier prize to be won. However, it is also the country's eighth largest, according to officials. A tweet sent by The California Lottery has indicated that within its district, there were a further three winners from Sunnyvale, Long Beach and Capitola who although managed to correctly choose five main numbers, were not successful in their prediction of The Powerball number.

Big Jackpots to be Expected Over Coming Months

The multi-State Lottery Association, who is responsible for the regulation of The USA Powerball lottery, has lowered the odds of winning the prime prize from 1 in 175 million to 1 in 292,2 million. This, according to the officials, is said to be as a result of the motivating force of producing bigger over-all prizes as well as the main jackpot. One may say that this strategy has been a major success when considering the evidence. The biggest three jackpot prizes in its history have all came this year, in 2016.

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