Mega Sena


The Mega Sena game offers all players to win guaranteed jackpot prizes across three tiers. Mega Sena boasts many huge lottery wins, the largest of them by far occurred on Wednesday 31 December 2014 when R$263 million was claimed by a quartet of ticket holders. Each player received R$65, 823,888. However, the largest prize claimed by a single ticket holder was R$205 million which was won on Wednesday 25 2015.


Numbers are selected in sets of two in order to form a single two-digit number up to the value of 60. While the numbered balls from the first cage range from 0-5 for the ‘first’ digit, the second cage’s balls range from 0-9 for the ‘second’ digit. To win the jackpot, players will need to match all 6 main numbers drawn.


Mega Sena offers three main prize tiers. The first of which are for those who have successfully matched all 6 numbers. The second are for those who have managed to match 5, and the final tier is for those who have been able to match 4 MegaSena numbers.

Draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday at 23:00 GMT, upon which all the latest Mega Sena results will be posted on Cheaplottos shortly after each draw.

Prize Tiers Numbers
1st tier 6 numbers
2nd tier 5 numbers
3rd tier 4 numbers

For more information on the latest results, prize breakdowns and draws, check out the Mega Sena results!

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