First established in Europe over a decade ago in 2004 as a relatively small-scale game, one could argue of the inevitability of EuroMillions soon becoming one of the world’s elite in lottery games - thanks in no small part to Cheaplottos, where it is played across nine European countries.

The live EuroMillions draws take place twice a week in Paris; every Tuesday and Friday night at 20:30 GMT, and if you’ve made your lucky number selection, you could potentially be placed in one of the game’s 13 prize tiers. The latest EuroMillions results are available immediately after each draw has taken place in Paris.


Currently employing the structure of “5 + 2”, the gaming format of the EuroMillions has adapted and changed over the years. You will be required to choose 5 from a selection of numbers ranging from 1 - 50. Furthermore, and separately from this main selection, 2 Lucky Star numbers will be afforded from a range of 1-12, ultimately choosing 7 numbers in total.

The winning numbers will be drawn from the “Stresa” and “Paquerette” machines, with Stresa drawing the main numbers while the Paquerette machine will make up your bonus numbers. A guaranteed jackpot prize will be made available when all seven of your chosen numbers correspond to the numbers drawn. However, even a partial match-up could earn you a place in one of the 13 prize tiers.

A gasp of disbelief could be on the proverbial cards for you when catching up on the latest EuroMillions results on With a guaranteed jackpot win of monumental proportions up for grabs, you’re only seven numbers away from utter financial freedom.

The latest results will be made available on Cheaplottos shortly after the draws, and with a total of 13 prize tiers in which to place, you may very well be reaching for your inhaler!

Below is a detailed prize structure of the EuroMillions game:

The Euromillions Tiers Main Numbers Lucky Star Numbers
1st tier 5 numbers + 2 Lucky Star numbers
2nd tier 5 numbers + 1 Lucky Star number
3rd tier 5 numbers
4th tier 4 numbers + 2 Lucky Star numbers
5th tier 4 numbers + 1 Lucky Star number
6th tier 3 numbers + 2 Lucky Star numbers
7th tier 4 numbers
8th tier 2 numbers + 2 Lucky Star numbers
9th tier 3 numbers + 1 Lucky Star number
10th tier 3 numbers
11th tier 1 number + 2 Lucky Star numbers
12th tier 2 numbers + 1 Lucky Star number
13th tier 2 numbers

Check out The Euromillions results page for more information on draws, winning numbers and breakdowns! Play online with to give yourself a chance to win!

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