US Powerball €113 Million Jackpot Won By One Lucky Winner | PLUS: Lottery Round-Up

US Powerball  €113 Million  Jackpot Won By One Lucky Winner | PLUS: Lottery Round-Up

Last week, we put together the top ten biggest lottery jackpots available from all over the world. While all but one of those games have largely gone without a major win after their draws, last week's biggest top-tier prize has finally been won.

US Powerball

The US Powerball, last week's largest jackpot, has given up its top prize worth €113,000,000 ($121 million) to one lucky winner. The draw was held on Saturday 17 December and after a long string of lottery draws without a winner, Delaware seemed to be the final destination for this particular draw.

The lucky ticket holder who's identity remains unknown for now, managed to correctly match all of the five main numbers as well as the Powerball to lay claim to the world's biggest jackpot at the time. This means that the US Powerball has moved from top of the table to fifth place after its reset - still, a very large jackpot considering its starting point of €38,000,000.

The grand prize excluded, two other US Powerball players from California and New York matched five main numbers, but fell short of correctly matching the Powerball. Each player, however, has won enough to be called millionaires - both taking home $1 million each.

The US Powerball, however, remains the only lottery game to have produced a major winner. This means that nine of the ten games previously reviewed had substantial increases to last week's jackpot prizes.

SuperEna Lotto

Although the most significant of those increases is the Eurojackpot which took a massive leap forward from €57,000,000 to €68,000,000 with an €11 million increase, it's the SuperEna Lotto which takes the top prize.

The SuperEna Lotto which was previously at €61,000,000, has now taken the top spot at €63,000,000. With no caps in place with regards to its rollovers, millions of people have been taking advantage of the game’s colossal record-breaking jackpots. The biggest of which occurred in October 2010 when the rollover exceeded that of €177 million!

Draws take place at 20:00 on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. If the draw falls on a public holiday the draw date will be rescheduled to the next available draw date.

Lottery Round-up

Ranking Lottery Game Lucky Numbers Prize Next Draw
1 SuperEna Lotto
7 15 31 39 41 45 50 14
€63,000,000Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday @ 20:00
2 3 24 25 34 6 8
€68,000,000Friday @ 21:00 CET
US Powerball
1 8 16 40 48 10
€38,000,000Wednesday, Saturday @ 10:59pm ET
5 Mega Millions
1 8 15 36 43 6
€64,000,000 Tuesday ,Friday @ 23:00 ET
6 Euromillions
6 10 30 41 45 4 11
€60,000,000Tuesday, Friday @ 20:45
7 Megasena
3 7 15 40 45 54
Wednesday, Saturday 20:00 GMT-3
German Lotto
33 34 38 42 43 44 4
Wednesday, Saturday @ 10:59pm ET
2 4 12 17 33 46 14
€200,000Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday @ 19:00
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