Man Apprehended After Allegedly Stealing Lottery Tickets

Man Apprehended After Allegedly Stealing Lottery Tickets

It seems that there is no end to fascinating, puzzling and downright weird lottery stories. According to Windsor police, a man who allegedly stole lottery tickets from a Leamington petrol station was caught and arrested after a bizarre two-hour chase. On Wednesday morning at roughly 09:00 the man entered Petro Canada Gas Bar on Erie street North and nabbed an untold amount o lottery tickets and unsuccessfully tried to flee on a motorcycle.

After crashing in the parking lot, Leamington OPP say that he continued his attempt to flee on foot. He managed to wave down a taxi and got as far as Windsor. The local police were tipped off as to his whereabouts and a ground search was conducted by the OPP as well as the Windsor police. According to the police, the suspect was arrested at around 10:45 on Walker road after attempting to disguise himself with stolen clothing. The investigation is currently underway and so far, there have been no formal charges against the suspect.

Then there is the story of Michael Carroll.  After winning $15 million, Michael seemed to have put his best foot forward when he wisely decided to invest in £4 million into a bond. So far, so good. However, that's where the good ideas came to an end as he started drawing from those funds far too early, leading to massive withdrawal fees which ultimately stifles growth maturity. As he continued to plunder through the remainder of his jackpot winnings, Michael was left with no other choice other than to once again start dipping into his bond. Sadly, Michael was back at his old job after he not only blew through his jackpot, but also his bond. Today, he currently earns minimum wage and is boarding at a biscuit factory.

There is only one difference between what it means to be rich and what it means to be wealthy. The quintessential underlying difference between the two is education. Smart decision making by way of financial advisers and responsible investments will keep one wealthy, however, riches are there to be won and lost almost as suddenly as it was won.

David Lee Edwards

After winning an astonishing $27 million in the USA Powerball, David had the chance to reinvent himself after previously having been a "guest" in a penitentiary charged with armed robbery. However, David's drug habit would prove far too menacing to make some much needed life-changing decisions. He sold many of his material possessions after squandering his riches and by 2006, he was broke. David passed away with no family members or friends to witness his demise into a drug-hazed solidarity. His body was cremated against his wishes as he had nobody in his life to fit the bill for his burial.