Multiple Jackpot Winners | Meet The Lotto's Luckiest Players

 Multiple Jackpot Winners | Meet The Lotto's Luckiest Players Most people play the lotto every week of their lives but never win. It is of little wonder then that we look upon those who have won with a little envy. Then there are those who have won the lottery on more than one occasion. Surprisingly, they aren't as rear as you might think, however unbelievable.  Here, we have just a few of those winners who just seem to have all the luck on their side.

Couple Wins Lottery Three Times

For Calvin and Zatera Spence, their fortunes seemed like it would never come to an end after winning three consecutive lotteries within the same month. Although the first of those wins could easily have been the couple's entire story after winning $1,000,000, it proved to be just the beginning of their unbelievable streak. Then the couple played the Virginia Lottery's Pick 4 game and won $50,000. However, their luck truly came into fruition when they won $1,000,000 that very same month after playing the US Powerball.

“I haven’t seen anything like it in my 12 years here. People in the office couldn’t believe it was them when they showed up with the winning ticket," said the spokesman for the Virginia lottery.

PhD Statistician Wins Lottery Four Times

As any statistician will tell you, winning the lottery an incredible four times is highly unlikely. The chances of this ever happening are an unfathomable 1 in 18 septillion. However, that is exactly what happened in 1993 when Joan Ginther won $21.000.000. The irony of it all is that Joan has a PhD in statistical analysis from Stanford University. It turns out that Ginther purchased three of those tickets at the same mini mart. Maybe she knew something nobody else did.

Euro Lotto Couple Win For The Ninth Time

This is where it would seem that luck truly does choose its favourites. The chances of winning nine times seem absolutely ridiculous, however this is exactly what happened in June this year when a couple from Dublin took home a staggering €113,661 after matching five numbers as well as the bonus number.

"We are getting closer and closer to the jackpot. Since the start of the lotto, we have matched 5 numbers nine times and we’re not giving up on the jackpot just yet," said the husband who wishes to remain anonymous.

"We were out having a drink on Saturday night and we checked our ticket on the National Lottery App," he added. "When we saw the message to contact the National Lottery, we were absolutely delighted."

It seems unthinkable to state that so far, this is the couple's biggest jackpot. However, they say that they will continue to play the lotto until they win an even loftier prize.

"This is definitely the biggest prize we have won so far. The Lotto prizes have gotten bigger in general over the years when you consider that the first time we matched 5 numbers we won a hundred pounds. We are certain that we will be back to the National Lottery offices in the next few months to claim an even bigger cheque."

The Irish couple admitted to needing time to adjust to their windfall, stating only that they had a few charities in mind that they would like to support.

"We are going to take some time out and let our win sink in first. However, charity is something very dear to our heart and we have some local charities we would like to help while we also want to work with a children’s charity in Africa."