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Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions

Why play through Cheaplottos?

Cheaplottos allows you to play international lotteries in the fastest, easiest and most convenient way possible - from anywhere, at anytime. Lotteries such as the US Powerball and EuroMillions are extremely popular worldwide but, until recently, they were not accessible to everyone, only those who lived or visited the specific lottery’s location. But not longer! Now you can partake in these massive jackpots from wherever you may be! Thanks to Cheaplottos, you can play the biggest international lottery games via the internet in a safe, secure and fast way.

How do I get started with

1. Register an account with

2. Wait for confirmation of your successful registration

3. Deposit into your personal account

4. Pick your lucky numbers

How do I purchase a ticket?

Firstly, you will be required to make a deposit into your personal account before placing your bets. Thereafter, you will be able to play as many bets as you like until your wallet balance runs out.

How do I know if I’ve won?

Cheaplottos notifies you of any winnings via email. Additionally, lottery results are published on our results page. Your personal Cheaplottos account will automatically be credited with your winnings.

How do I collect my winnings?

When you have won, your funds will be deposited into your Cheaplottos account where you are able to withdraw the funds, the requested withdrawal amount will be deposited into your bank account .

What is a Bundle?

A bundle is a combination of draws where the lucky numbers are chosen by a random automatic algorithm.

What is a Syndicate?

A Syndicate allows players to play from a multitude of lottery games or even just one, but the ticket prices are shared and it allows each player to play more.

What is a Share?

A "Syndicate Share" is what we commonly refer to as a "share". It refers to an individual's portion of the greater sum and total cost price of a ticket purchased by a Syndicate. A "shareholder" can expect to collect his or her portion which is equal to that of the rest of the members of the Syndicate group.

What is the US Powerball?

The USA Powerball is quite confidently touted as one of the world’s biggest lotteries, if not, certainly THE biggest. The game offers the world’s most breathtaking jackpots and provides just as much excitement to those who play the game.

What is the EuroJackpot?

When the Eurojackpot was first played in 2011, it was the sheer size of the jackpots on offer that took Europe aback. It was loosely based on the concept of Euromillions but has since made strides to stand on its own as one of Europe’s elites.

What is the Euromillions?

One of Europe’s most popular lottery games, the Euromillions was first established to the continent in 2004. It didn’t take long before Europe embraced the game as one of the highest paying lotteries in the world.

What is the 6AUS49 German Lotto?

The German Lotto was first introduced to the public in 1955. It was received by the nation with much anticipation and has become a firm favourite throughout Europe.

What is the SuperEnaLotto?

Introduced to the nation during the 1980’s, the Italian “EnaLotto” saw a massive upturn and was rebranded in 1997 as the SuperEnaLotto. The game is now revered and respected the world over and in October 2010, it made Italian history by producing a massive €177 million jackpot.

What is the Mega-Sena?

This is the game that any avid Brazilian player thinks of when talking about the nation’s most adored lottery. The MegaSena players are required to form a two-digit number to make up the value of 60. These two numbers are selected as a duo. The first number will be made up from a selection of 0 - 5 whereas the second number will be drawn from a range from 0 - 9.

What is Bonoloto?

The game was constructed with the aim of providing frequent draws and even introducing a very rare reimbursement policy in the form of the Reintegro. The BonoLoto is one of the few lottery games available which offers a draw every day of the week. The game’s jackpot starts at around €400.000 and grows exponentially as there are six draws every week!

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